Pico-ITX boards for industrial and embedded applications

Pico-ITX boards for industrial and embedded applications

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By Ally Winning

The embedded boards have been developed to be used in a wide variety of space-constrained applications. Even though the boards have a small footprint, it doesn’t mean that they sacrifice expandability. The 2.5″ PICO-ITX boards also feature low power consumption, support multiple I/O and have the option of an extended temperature variant.

The advent of the adoption of the Industry 4.0 philosophy is rapidly changing infrastructure requirements. This means that there is a growing number of space-constraint applications that require a small form factor, such as Pico-ITX. A small design with a basic embedded feature set allows the versatile Pico-ITX board to be used in a variety of applications. The new boards from Litemax feature very low power consumption, with a TDP of between 6 and 12 Watt, meaning that the single-chip Pico-ITX devices are particularly well suited for passively cooled and enclosed systems that can be used in harsh environments. Typical applications for the new Pico-ITX boards include control of large machines with decentralized, distributed intelligence, robotics, all types of intelligent measurement and analysis devices, and high-performance IoT computers with low power consumption.

The APIX compact PICO-ITX board can also power a range of Intel Movidius VPUs for AI and Edge Computing for industrial and embedded applications such as smart factory, smart retail, and smart city.

Main Features:

Size optimized footprint

Ready-to-use embedded platforms

Reliable and rugged design

I/O functions expansible by add-on cards

Long term availability (10+ years)

Lowest levels of power consumption

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