Picosun delivers atomic layer deposition for PowderMEMS

Picosun delivers atomic layer deposition for PowderMEMS

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By Peter Clarke

Picosun Oy (Espoo, Finland) has delivered a P-300B atomic layer deposition system to the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology for use in a powder MEMS technology platform.

PowderMEMS is novel method for the creation of three-dimensional microstructures from a range of materials at the wafer level. The technology is based on bonding micron-sized powder particles together using atomic layer deposition (ALD). It has the advantage over other manufacturing methods of requiring lower process temperature  compared to a traditional sintering process.

After bonding the resultant porous structures are thermally and chemically resistant thus enabling their extensive post-processing in a clean room.

“The technology can be used for various applications, such as microelectronics, MEMS sensors, MEMS actuators and microfluidics. For example, it enables the integration of porous and magnetic 3D microstructures on wafer level,” said Björn Gojdka, group leader at Fraunhofer ISIT, in a statement.

“We were looking for a solution for conformal high surface area coating of powder located in trenches. Picosun’s solution is a perfect fit for this need as we are also looking into scaling up the technology. We are especially happy about the tool’s hot wall reactor, versatile precursor sources and its easy maintenance,” said Thomas Lisec, chief scientist at Fraunhofer ISIT, in the same statement.

Typical applications of the PowderMEMS technique include gas and mass-flow sensors; microfluidic porous filters; magnetic MEMS actuators and micropositioning devices; miniature coils and transformers.

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