PikeOS supports Matlab Simulink code

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Simulink modelling software is now integrated with the PikeOS real-time operating system and hypervisor. The combination of both technologies gives embedded software developers the ability to develop applications such as driver assistance systems, control systems, flow models and many more, and run them safely in mixed-critical environments. In this way, hardware can be consolidated and costs reduced.

Since Simulink is safety-certifiable, it can be combined with PikeOS: The use of PikeOS enables cost-saving and fast design of safety-critical applications, as they are needed in application areas such as automotive, avionics or railway. PikeOS is pre-certified for these and other industries and also offers protection against cyber attacks through powerful and reliable security functions such as Trusted Execution Environment, Secure Boot, Intrusion Detection and many other features. The PikeOS Separation Kernel (Ver. 5.1.3.) is certified against the Common Criteria security standard at level EAL 5+. Developers thus benefit from rapid design time during modelling and accelerate a further step thanks to native execution of the automatically generated code from the model in a PikeOS partition. End users thus get functionally secure and cyber-secure applications with a fast time-to-market.

PikeOS separates applications in space and time into partitions that can run side-by-side on an embedded system. The advantage over bare-metal approaches with Simulink lies not only in the security aspects but also in the large functional scope of PikeOS, which makes many otherwise necessary development steps obsolete.


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