Pin compatible hybrid digital and analogue point of load modules simplify designs

Pin compatible hybrid digital and analogue point of load modules simplify designs

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By Nick Flaherty

The 10A ISL8280M and 15A ISL8282M hybrid digital modules measure 12mm x 11mm and provide complete single-channel, synchronous step-down regulated power supplies that operate over an input voltage range of 4.5V to 16.5V. Alongside the PMBus versions, Renesas has also launched analogue power variants (the ISL8210M and ISL8212M) in the same pin-to-pin compatible 12mm x 11mm package with the same 10A and 15A of output current.

The modules provide point-of-load (POL) conversion for advanced FPGAs, DSPs, ASICs and memory used in servers, storage, optical networking, telecom, and a broad range of space-constrained industrial applications. Each device integrates a PWM controller, MOSFETs, and inductor inside a new thermally optimized, Grid High Density Array (GHDA) encapsulated module. To complete the power supply, designers simply add input and output ceramic capacitors.

The ISL828xM hybrid digital and ISL821xM analogue power modules feature integrated LDOs that enable single-supply operation and use the Renesas R4 high-speed control loop architecture with inherent line voltage feed-forward to give designers both ultra-fast load transient response and high noise immunity. The proprietary Grid HDA package offers high levels of electrical and thermal performance through a single-layer conductive package substrate that efficiently transfers heat from the module to the system board, and dissipates it without requiring airflow or heatsinks – even under heavy load conditions.

“Our newest power modules expand Renesas’ growing portfolio, adding new capabilities to our performance analogue module family and bridging the gap between them and our full digital power modules,” said Philip Chesley, Vice President, Industrial Analog and Power Business Division, Renesas Electronics Corporation. “The new hybrid digital power modules offer class-leading power density and efficiency not achievable with discrete components. Compared to competitors’ module designs, the new Grid HDA package makes it easier for customers to mount the module on their circuit board.”

The 0.5V to 5V output voltage has a ± 1.5% output voltage accuracy over line, load, and temperature with remote sensing. There are 256 output voltage options configurable through a simple pin-strap resistor setting and the hybrid digital modules support the SMBus/I2C/PMBus v1.3 protocols up to 1.25MHz with seven switching frequency options from 300kHz to 1MHz

The digital modules are supported by the PowerCompass tool to help designers identify the right power modules and other parts that match their specific requirements. Multiple power rails can be set up for more than 200 FPGAs, and designers can perform high-level system analysis and generate custom reference design files in minutes. The PowerNavigator tool works with PMBus, allowing power architects to set up hybrid digital power module telemetry, sequencing, and run-time configuration, while each module’s pin-strap configuration allows for standalone operation.

The ISL828xM hybrid digital power modules and ISL821xM analogue power modules are available now from Renesas distributors and are being shown at the APEC power conference in the US this week.



Output Current PMBus Interface  

Grid HDA Package


(1k units)

ISL8282M 15A Yes 12mm x 11mm x 5.3mm $13.73 USD
ISL8280M 10A Yes 12mm x 11mm x 5.3mm $10.63 USD
ISL8212M 15A No 12mm x 11mm x 5.3mm $12.51 USD
ISL8210M 10A No 12mm x 11mm x 5.3mm $ 9.41 USD

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