Pixelligent raises USD3.4m to accelerate business growth

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The funds will be used to support accelerating customer growth throughout the world and to increase the company’s manufacturing capacity to 40+ tons per year starting in 2016.

Pixelligent’s PixClear products have been developed to increase the optical performance of polymers and monomers with dispersed zirconia nanocrystals. The high-quality dispersions boost refractive index up to 1.85.

Pixelligent currently manufactures PixClear products at commercial scale, and sells samples for testing starting at 100g.

“Pixelligent continues to realize increased demand for its nanocrystal dispersions, predominantly driven by the leading LED package manufacturers and the leading OLED lighting producers. Pixelligent’s high-index and transparent zirconia nanocrystals are considered the best in the world by numerous experts and are becoming increasingly important in delivering more light from next generation Solid State Lighting as well as additional efficiencies in Display applications,” said Craig
Bandes, President & CEO of Pixelligent.

To date, Pixelligent has raised more than $26.0m in equity funding and has been awarded more than $12m in U.S. government grant programs.

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