Plans start for TSMC 2nm fab

Plans start for TSMC 2nm fab

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Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology has discussed environmental issues around a proposed expansion of TSMC's Hsinchu operations to house a 2nm wafer fab.
By Nick Flaherty


The details of the meeting held online were reported by Taiwan’s Commercial Times.

The Hsinchu Science Park Baoshan Land Expansion Project Phase II is considering the environmental impact and mitigation activities for an expansion of Baoshon to provide for expansion of TSMC’s 2nm manufacturing capacity. The total area of ​​Baoshan Phase II is 90.02 hectares. The construction is expected to start after the land acquisition is completed and the total construction period is estimated to be 60 months.

The meeting paid attention to environmental impact assessment, water reclamation and protection of the Keya River restoration zone.

TSMC is startring risk production of 3nm technology next year with mass production in 2023, and has not commented on the timeline for the 2nm generation of technology that will need a different type of transistor and new materials.

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