Plastic Logic launches shatter-proof electronic textbook

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Dubbed the Plastic Logic 100, the electronic textbook allows for a backpack worth of textbooks to be ready and available at a student’s fingertips at any time in an extremely lightweight package. For educators, the Plastic Logic 100 provides a simple, yet powerful tool capable of securely delivering an entire year’s worth of textbooks in one place without the risk of students not having what they need with them.

Based on Plastic Logic’s work in organic electronics and nanotechnology, the device is the first to feature the company’s PlasticPaper technology. Because the base is not glass, the Plastic Logic 100 display is large (10.7" diagonal), only 7.65mm thick, weighs only 475 grams while being uniquely shatterproof and rugged – which is especially important given constant use by students.

The 1280×960 resolution screen, at 150ppi, reads and looks like paper, glare-free even in direct sunlight, and is simple to use with fingertip touch control. It comes with long battery life and content protection. A virtual keyboard enables users to make a note on a page or bookmark it for easy reference, or to search for specific words.

The Plastic Logic 100 for education will initially sell in Russia for 12,000 Russian Rubles (about 285 Euros).

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