Plessey fab adds Tesla battery power

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By Nick Flaherty

The ‘behind the meter’ (BTM) project was completed by UK smart energy company KiWi Power using its KiWi Fruit proprietary hardware and software platform. Plessey using silicon on GaN technology to build high power LEDs and the next generation of microLED systems for illumination and smart glasses at the fab.

The project follows KiWi Power’s success in building two other BTM battery storage systems in the UK and the battery system will earn revenue for Plessey by fulfilling a frequency response balancing contract with National Grid and help to reduce energy costs for Plessey by providing optimal peak-shaving of power supply in response to fluctuations in demand. Amber Infrastructure provided funding.

“We are pleased to be jointly-announcing one of the first BTM installations of this type in the UK,” said Mike Snaith, Operations Director of Plessey Semiconductors. “It is good to know our considerable power consumption can be utilised to help stabilise the National Grid supply by delivering a reliable and sustainable power source. Batteries are an increasingly necessary part of the decarbonisation of the UK’s electricity supply.”

“This installation is further proof of KiWi’s ability to develop, build and operate fully-funded BTM batteries,” said Yoav Zingher, CEO of KiWi Power. ‘The Plessey BTM battery follows the success of our other battery projects and is highly complementary to the revenue earning services we already provide to large energy users through demand side response.”

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