Poland plans homegrown e-car brand

Poland plans homegrown e-car brand

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Recently, the company Electromobility Poland (EMP) in Warsaw presented the first design studies, as reported by the agency PAP. The company Electromobility Poland (EMP) is behind the Izera brand. The first models planned are an SUV and a hatchback with electric drive. For the attractive outlook, the company took Italian car design company Torino Design under contract.

The cars are supposed to accelerate to 100 km/h in less than 8 seconds, which rather suggests a position in the economy sector. The Izeras will be capable of fast-charging and will be able to travel up to 400 km on one battery charge. Several modern assistance systems such as front collision warning, traffic sign recognition, blind spot warning and traffic sign recognition will be available.

Prices for the cars are not mentioned on the Electromobility Poland’s website. As technology partner, EMP has brought on board EDAG Engineering, a company founded in Germany and now managed from Switzerland. At the IAA motor show last September, the engineering services provider presented a scalable floor assembly for electric vehicles, which market observers believe could well be the basis for the Polish e-mobiles.

The interior: No frills, but state of the art

“Electromobility is no longer about some vague daydreams but a true technological and business reality that we need to start embracing in an efficient manner,” says Małgorzata Królak, Director of EMP’s Project. “The automotive sector is the second largest industry of Poland, with over 200 thousand jobs in production and 270 thousand jobs in trade and industry-related services. This means that the automotive sector accounts for approx. 7 % of the Polish GDP. Also, we are the largest European state that has no car make of its own. … With the Izera brand, we aspire to evoke changes to drive the innovation in the whole industry so that we can prepare ourselves for the challenges of the evolving market reality. This is an opportunity to create Polish specialization based on our own solutions which can compete with other players on the global market.”

Electromobility Poland is a joint venture of four Polish energy companies – PGE, Energa SA, Enea and Tauron.

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