Polymer electrolytics for wider automotive deployment

Polymer electrolytics for wider automotive deployment

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By Graham Prophet

This is and extension of Kemet’s T598 range of polymer electrolytic capacitors with higher voltage rated parts; 35V devices for capacitance values of 22 and 33µF. The AEC-Q200 qualified parts extend the range of automotive applications in which the benefits of polymer electrolytic devices can be utilized, and provide a product capable of meeting voltage transient critical requirements.


The higher voltage polymer electrolytic capacitors offer inherent volumetric efficiency for automotive power circuit designs. The key performance advantage of T598 devices is ultra-low equivalent series resistance (ESR), which minimizes energy losses and capacitor self-heating, thus allowing the devices to handle large ripple currents without excessive thermal stress. In addition, the polymer capacitor’s ESR has a low temperature coefficient, which helps to ensure stable performance over its -55 to +125 degrees Celsius operating temperature range.


The capacitor’s roll-off frequency is also increased enabling devices to maintain capacitance up to higher frequencies than MnO2 devices. Compared to liquid electrolytic-based devices, KEMET’s polymer electrolytic parts have very long operational life and are suited for use in challenging environmental conditions such as high humidity and high temperature typical of automotive applications.






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