Porotech showcases brightest full-colour microLED display

Porotech showcases brightest full-colour microLED display

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By Peter Clarke

Poro Technologies Ltd. (Cambridge, England) has demonstrated a red-green-blue microLED display at 1920 by 1080 pixels resolution with above 2 million nits of brightness.

Porotech, a pioneer of porous gallium-nitride for microLED displays, has produced an InGaN-based tricolour display on a single material and tool chain and shown it at the Touch Taiwan event. The native red InGaN emits at 614nm to 625nm wavelength.

The platform’s proprietary subsurface porosity helps to increase brightness and efficiency in all three primary colors and the ability to lay three colors down monolithically helps reduce cost, the company said. The company expects to enable microLED displays for next-generation consumer AR/MR/VR glasses, smart wearables and smart displays.

“Our deep material technology has unlocked the ability to produce microLED’s with high brightness and color uniformity for RGB grown on a single InGaN-based material system and produced with a single tool chain. This will enable a wide range of use cases for optical system designs while optimizing microdisplay manufacturing and improving yield for mass production,” said Tongtong Zhu, Porotech CEO and co-founder, in a statement. “Meanwhile, we have been working on full-color InGaN-based monolithic microLED displays and expect to be making an exciting announcement to the public very soon,” Zhu added.

The PoroGaN platform allows 614 to 625nm wavelength InGaN red display, as well as 536 to 543nm InGaN green and 444 to 447nm InGaN blue displays. 

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