Power shelf drives 48V data centre move

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By Nick Flaherty

Advanced Energy has launched a power shelf for the latest Open Rack version 3 (OCP ORv3) specification at the Open Compute Project summit today. The shelf is designed to support the move to 48V data centre power infrastructure.

Traditionally, data centre racks have used 12V power shelves, but higher performance compute and storage platforms demand more power, which results in very high current. Moving from 12V to 48V power distribution reduces the current draw by a factor of four and reduces conduction losses by a factor of 16. This results in significantly better thermal performance, smaller busbars and increased efficiency.

The shelf was developed by the Artesyn Embedded Power product group within Advanced Energy, working with OCP users to create a common power platform for multiple customers across different deployments. This is intended to increase adoption by creating economies of scale to benefit the whole OCP community.

“We are highly engaged in the development of OCP Open Rack standards and specifications, with input from multiple leading hyperscale data center customers,” said Brian Korn, senior director, data centre solutions for the Artesyn Embedded Power product group. “We are enabling the market adoption of this next generation 48V power distribution architecture through collaboration across multiple companies to address shared challenges, offering OCP compatible solutions while retaining our differentiating intellectual property.”

The OCP ORv3 power shelf will be a key technology enabler in the growing adoption of 48V rack power distribution in hyperscale data centres. The company has been heavily involved in the development of previous Open Rack interoperability specifications and OCP compatible solutions. This is the fourth year the company will be participating in the OCP Global Summit and senior technical marketing director, Harry Soin, will be presenting on the 1OU Shelf Architecture in the session, “Deep Dive on Open Rack V3 Power Shelves” at 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 14.



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