Power-SO8 MOSFETs meet new UL standard for battery-powered equipment

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By Nick Flaherty

The devices, launched at the PCIm exhibition this week, are compatible with the industry-standard Power-SO8 footprint but also meet UL2595 which calls for minimum creepage and clearance distances of 1.5mm between Source and Drain terminals.

Instead of using wire bonding, the LFPAK56 package uses a copper clip which is soldered in a single operation to the surface of the die. This reduces spreading resistance and improves the electrical and thermal characteristics as well as the reliability. The PSMN0R9-30ULD  and PSMN1R0-40ULD N-channel MOSFETs in the enhanced SOT1023A package feature a creepage distance of 1.5mm and a clearance distance of 1.55mm. The PSMN0R9-30ULD device is rated at 30 V, offering 0.87 mΩ and 300 A, the PSMN1R0-40ULD is rated at 40 V, with 1.1 mΩ and 280 A.

“UL2595 is an important US standard which could well be adopted by other international regulatory bodies. Also, equipment manufacturers prefer to design one global product that meets the toughest standard, rather than have multiple versions for different geographic locations. Therefore it is important that designers are aware that regular Power-SO8 devices will not pass UL2595, but that there is a compliant drop-in replacement available,” said Eric Su, International Product Marketing Manager.

The PSMN0R9-30ULD and PSMN0R9-40ULD MOSFETs are part of Nexperia’s NextPowerS3 family of devices that offer a combination of low RDS(on), high maximum current and strong safe operating area (SOA) for battery-powered motor control applications.


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