PowerVR Ray Tracing IP for realistic 3D graphics

PowerVR Ray Tracing IP for realistic 3D graphics

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Imagination Technologies has announced its PowerVR Ray Tracing technology is now up for licensing, enabling state-of-the-art realistic image rendering using light-modelling techniques to be integrated into graphics processing units (GPUs) across mobile, automotive, server and other markets. The technology is part of PowerVR’s ongoing GPU roadmap which delivers optimal PPA (Power Performance Area) solutions.
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The PowerVR Ray Tracing architecture is a high-efficiency approach for the processing of billions of rays per second (“gigarays”). It makes it realistic for System on Chip (SoC) manufacturers to offer ray tracing capable hardware within a range of power and thermal envelopes. The technology is suitable for adding realistic ray traced light, shadow and transparency capabilities to traditional GPUs or even creating full ray tracing solutions.

Licensable deliverables for the PowerVR Ray Tracing technology includes patents, architecture, GPU integration references and standards based API support for easy application integration. Imagination holds over 220 patents and applications based on its ray tracing technology.

Imagination Technologies – www.imgtec.com

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