Pre-cut dicing and electrically conductive die attach film all-in-one

Pre-cut dicing and electrically conductive die attach film all-in-one

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The Loctite Ablestik C100 in 2010 enables leadframe device manufacturers to take advantage of a die attach film which includes consistent, uniform bondlines, eliminating die tilt while incorporating ultra-thin wafers. In addition, because films eliminate the fillet associated with paste-based materials, they allow more die per package due to tighter die to pad clearance. Now, leadframe semiconductor specialists have the option to use Henkel’s roll format Loctite Ablestik C100 or its new pre-cut, two-in-one (dicing tape and die attach film combination) Loctite Ablestik CDF 200P conductive die attach films, thereby enabling package design scalability not possible with conventional die attach materials.

Compatible with lamination equipment commonly used in the field, the new dicing film requires no capital equipment investment. With a lamination temperature of 65 degrees Celsius, the novel material complies with most existing equipment and processes for both lamination and backgrinding. Additionally, its unique two-in-one dicing tape and die attach film combination streamlines manufacturing by facilitating an in-line process for thin wafers and a single lamination process in one, combined step. The product is proven effective on a wide range of die sizes from 0.2×0.2mm to 5.0x 5.0mm, a variety of wafer metallizations including bare silicon, TiNiAg and Au, and multiple leadframe metallizations such as Cu, Ag and Au.

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