Pressure sensor interface IC offers flexible output formats

Pressure sensor interface IC offers flexible output formats

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The A17700 is configurable for resistance bridge pressure sensors in critical applications in modern vehicles. Applications range from high pressure systems such as dynamic braking systems (DBS) in turbo and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) or gasoline direct injection (GDI) to medium and low pressure systems such as brake boosters and automatic transmission oil management.

With its integrated polynomial algorithm, the A17700 provides high accuracy over pressure and temperature by processing a pressure signal in two stages. This flexible compensation ensures precise values for resistive diaphragms that require high or low point characterisation during assembly. With its robust EMC (up to 4 kV HBM), the A17700 allows up to 30% fewer external components for a smaller overall solution, a smaller PCB and a more cost-effective system design.

With parallel processing paths for input and temperature, the A17700 achieves the industry’s lowest chip delay, Allegro promises. With an input-to-output processing delay of 100 μs, this fast interface sensor IC enables systems to compensate for vibration effects on the diaphragm without loss of output resolution, further increasing system accuracy.

“With the A17700, designers can easily select the optimal algorithms and I/Os that best meet their system requirements,” said Haeyoung Choi, product manager, sensor interface ICs at Allegro. “In doing so, it balances accuracy and end-of-line test times, which optimises system cost. With its small form factor and flexible compensation, the A17700 is the ideal solution for applications where space and efficiency are important, such as in electric and hybrid electric vehicles.”

Environmental conditions such as a change in supply voltage level, temperature, input jumper signal and connection, can cause transient errors in pressure measurement systems. The A17700 detects these changes and reports them in the output log, allowing system-level fault filtering for more accurate safety messages.

The A17700 is supplied in a compact 24-pin 4 mm × 4 mm QFN package with Wettable Flanks.

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