Printable grid for flexible touchscreens boasts ultra-low haze

Printable grid for flexible touchscreens boasts ultra-low haze
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A provider of silver nanowire-based transparent conductive inks, C3Nano says its ActiveGrid Gen7 ink delivers breakthrough clarity, conductivity and flexibility, with a 50 percent lower haze compared to its previous ink formulation.
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The optically clear ActiveGrid Gen7 has a conductivity ranging from 30 to 100 ohm/sq. and the flexibility to withstand more than a million bend cycles. To obtain less dense films without junction resistance, C3Nano uses its patented NanoGlue technology to fuse the junctions of silver nanowires, creating a more transparent grid that yields superior clarity and conductivity while supporting the flexibility needed for today’s and tomorrow’s consumer display products.

The ActiveGrid ink is already in mass production for two of the world’s initial flexible display devices. C3Nano currently holds more than 20 core patents with an additional 45 pending, covering its breakthrough NanoGlue technology, nanomaterial synthesis, ink formulations, conductive films, and the use of conductive and patterned conductive films in a variety of devices and applications.

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