Printed sensor startup completes pilot line

Printed sensor startup completes pilot line

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Isorg SA (Grenoble, France), a 2010 startup company that can print optoelectronic sensors on plastic and glass surfaces to create novel forms of detection, gesture control and image sensing, has completed the construction of its pilot manufacturing line. The company said on its website that it plans to be producing products by the end of 2012.
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The company is qualifying its production process with customers and initial products are likely to feature sensor strips in toys on the market in 2013, Isorg said.

However, the Isorg technology has produced a wealth of other application ideas ranging from automated brightness controls for displays that take into account ambient conditions to non-touch user interfaces that can prevent the spread of bacteria in medical applications.

The company was formed in May 2010 to commercialize printed, organic photonic sensor research at CEA-Liten (Grenoble, France).

A typical organic photodetector material is PEDOT-PSS (polythylenedioxythiophene mixed with polystyrenesulfonate). It has the advantage that it can be processed in solution on to low-cost plastic or glass substrates under ambient air and ambient temperature conditions rather than vacuum and high temperature processes.

Isorg has also said that it plans to create a high-volume production line in 2012, able to make plastic electronic sensors on larger substrates. For display applications Isorg has said it is prepared to license its technology to Asian display manufacturers.

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