Programmable buck-boost converter targets smartphones

Programmable buck-boost converter targets smartphones

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

The FAN49103 is a high efficiency buck-boost switching mode regulator which accepts input voltages either above or below the regulated output voltage. Using full-bridge architecture with synchronous rectification, the FAN49103 is capable of delivering up to 2.5 A while regulating the output at 3.4 V. It provides a seamless transition between step-up and step-down modes to reduce output disturbances and the output voltage and operation mode of the regulator can be programmed through an I2C interface.

At moderate and light loads, Pulse Frequency Modulation (PFM) is used to operate the device in power-save mode to maintain high efficiency and still exhibit excellent transient response during load steps, with a 24 µA quiescent current. At moderate to heavier loads or Forced PWM mode, the regulator switches to PWM fixed-frequency control. While in PWM mode, the regulator operates at a nominal fixed frequency of 1.8 MHz, which allows for reduced external component values.

“Our FAN49103 is an ideal buck-boost for virtually any smartphone, tablet or mobile device that can really benefit from the precious board space freed up by its extremely small solution size, which is 84 percent smaller than its closest competitor,” said Richard Lu, Vice President of Mobile Solutions for Fairchild. “The FAN49103 can also solve the excessive heat and brownout issues that designers of mobile devices strive to overcome.”

The FAN49103 can reduce thermal issues by providing a system power rail at the lowest possible voltage. This superior thermal performance prevents the excessive heat that can impact a device’s ability to function normally. This is a key advantage for smartphones as their small size makes them particularly vulnerable to excess heat. FAN49103 can also reduce or eliminate the need for heat sinks, which reduces bill of materials (BOM) costs, simplifies the design and saves additional board space.

The fast transient response of the FAN49103 counters brownouts by enabling larger pulsed loads to be supported, which reduces the effect of battery droop. It supports large loads up to 2.5A DC and can maintain a constant regulated output over the entire battery range so the system will operate normally despite battery sags.

The FAN49103 is available today in a 20 bump WLCSP package that measures 1.6 mm x 2.0 mm.

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