Programmable mixed-signal IC technology adds power switching, sequencing

Programmable mixed-signal IC technology adds power switching, sequencing

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Silego intends the SLG46125 to be the first in a series of parts designed to create “Flexible Power Islands” (FPI). In products with complex, multi-rail power supplies – or even in designs with less complex needs – Silego believes that designers frequently need to create or retro-fit sections of the power distribution with specific characteristics, that may not be handled in a single central PMIC. In common with other Silego parts, the SLG46125 might be used from the outset in a design, or employed to apply a late design change. The device integrates dual 45 mΩ / 2A P-FET power switches.

Using FPIs, designers can divide their complex power system into some number of local power regions (or islands), each of which includes the power control, power sequencing and power regulation needed to support loads in the immediate vicinity. Silego believes this technique results in higher performance and a more efficient solution that can be flexibly tailored to the requirements of each individual system.

SLG46125 embodies power system functions (power monitoring, sequencing, reset and power switching) in a 1.6 x 2.0 mm 16-pin MSTQFN fully encapsulated plastic package. Using the company’s GUI based GPAK Designer and GPAK development hardware, designers can quickly implement their unique configuration of the device, thereby customizing the functions to match their unique power requirements.

Silego intends to expand the feature set that it integrates into future power-control-oriented programmable parts, listing switching and linear regulation as functions that will appear in forthcoming ICs.


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