Projected capacitive touch sensor range can curve

Projected capacitive touch sensor range can curve

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Touch sensor specialist, Zytronic, has launched of a new range of its ZYBRID® sensors employing deposited tracks of transparent Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) as the sensing medium, to complement the present product sensor range which utilises copper strand electrodes. It is claimed that these could deliver advantages over other ITO-based mutual capacitive type pro-cap offerings, particularly for smaller, ruggedized touch devices.
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ITO is an electrically conductive material that can be deposited in near transparent structures, and is already widely used in the display and touchscreen industries.

Zytronic will initially deliver its ITO touch sensors in 7 inch (177.8 mm), 8 inch (203.2 mm), and 8.4 inch (213.36 mm) display formats, with larger sizes to follow. These products can be either supplied as a flexible, polyester (PET) sensor for assembly/lamination by the customer, or pre-laminated to glass at the company’s 7,000 m2, class 100 clean room facilities.

This first option offers customers the opportunity to create truly customised designs, as the PET sensor may be applied to some curved as well as flat surfaces. Coupled with its ability to detect touch through a variety of materials, this opens up the opportunity for automotive HMI designers to seamlessly integrate touch controls into a contoured dashboard, rather than conventionally embed a bezel-surrounded screen into the center console.

Based on Zytronic’s proprietary Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT), the new ITO-based sensor range joins the company’s portfolio of touch sensors and can detect touch through thick glass and even gloved hands, both of which would hinder or prevent the operation of conventional mutual capacitive type pro-cap sensing solutions.

Furthermore, the process of manufacture makes the new product range suitable for higher volume industrial uses, such as medical tablets, home appliances and some novel human machine interface (HMI) surfaces for automotive applications.  

Zytronic’s ITO-based touch sensors use the same patented self-capacitive, frequency modulation sensing method of touch detection as the company’s PCT-based sensor portfolio, and have been designed to work with its latest ZXY100 controller/chipset and driver suite.

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