PSA rolls out European EV charger infrastructure via dealers

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By Nick Flaherty

Groupe PSA, the Peugeot-Citroen-Opel-Vauxhall car maker, is rolling out EV charger systems from a range of suppliers through its dealers for charging electric vehicles at home.

Taiwanese power Delta is one of Groupe PSA’s technical partner for Electric Vehicles (EV) chargers as it offers a complete range of AC and DC charging systems. The EV charger infrastructure systems will be made available via the Group’s EV charger installation partners. Under the initiative, Groupe PSA-approved charging infrastructure solutions will be available as an accessory for single-family homes and multi-family complexes across all 27 EU states, and with the possibility to expand to other countries around the world.

The other charger suppliers are EVBox, Enel X, Pod Point and Juice Technology. The installation partners include inno2grid in Germany and ZEBorune in France. PodPoint in the UK and Enel X in Italy are also installers as well as the EV charger suppliers and there are installers in Austria, Spain and Portugal, Poland and the Netherlands.

“Delta is proud to be associated with this collaboration which is set to bring simplified EV charging to many more Groupe PSA customers. As the EV revolution accelerates across Europe, the Groupe PSA is setting a trend in helping to bring the benefits of EVs to many more customers, through an extensive range of products. Its latest initiative will further boost the popularity of its EVs, by making charging easy and convenient for all of its customers,” said Vincent Lin, senior director of e-Mobility & Smart Energy Solutions business development at Delta EMEA.

Delta develops a range of AC and DC EV charging solutions with power output up to 200kW as well as energy conversion efficiency as high as 96 per cent. With different power ratings, interfaces, OCPP protocol support, and authorisation management, Delta’s EV chargers are suitable for all charging sites and applications. 

The compact size and compatibility with all charging standards for operational efficiency address all users, and were key factors in Groupe PSA’s selection of Delta as a technical partner for e-mobility said Lin. The scalability of its production capacity and the ability to adapt volumes and product specifications while meeting the high quality standard and stable supply chain management were also key.

An online audit will be available for customers to help confirm the feasibility of the installation before the most suitable charger from Delta is installed by qualified experts. This will be supported by a dedicated call centre and after-sales services.

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