PTC thermistor feature a tolerance of ±3ºC

PTC thermistor feature a tolerance of ±3ºC

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Murata announced the PRF15 series of miniature positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistor designed specifically for overheating detection applications in a broad range of consumer electronics devices. Believed to have the industry's tightest temperature tolerance of ±3ºC, the series lineup comprises devices with detection temperatures in the range of +80ºC to +150ºC in 10º steps.
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Across the series the thermistor resistance at +25ºC is 1kohm, with preferred detection points occurring at 10kohm and 100kohm values. For example, the PRF15AR102RB6RC part detects +135ºC at 10kohm and +150ºC at 100kohm. Maximum voltage is 32VDC. Available in a 0402 package measuring only 1.0×0.5mm, this surface mount device meets the increasing need for consumer end-products to incorporate a means of detecting overheating within space constrained applications.

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