Push button and rocker switches are IP65 protected

Push button and rocker switches are IP65 protected

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Cherry Industrial Solutions' KC, KF and KD round waterproof switches meet IP65 specifications and provide a cost-effective switching solution for the many applications requiring protection from water and dust ingress.
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The KC series switches are IP65 rated and designed to a fit panel cut-out of 20.20mm diameter. Illuminated and non-lighted versions are available with a black actuator and housing for the non-lighted version and red actuator with black housing and red lens for the illuminated version. This series of single-pole, single-throw (SPST) function switches offers multiple termination options. Electrical ratings include 16A at 125VAC, 10A at 250VAC, 20A at 14VDC, 10A at 28VDC and an EN61058 rated version in 10(4)A at 250V.

The KD series switches are available in two versions: DPST (double pole, single throw) and DPDT (double pole, double throw). Featuring snap-in mounting to fit the same aperture sizes as the KC series, they can be supplied as illuminated or non-lighted versions and are rated for DC and AC loads to 16A at 125VAC, 10A at 250VAC, 20A at 14VDC and 10A at 28VDC, all models have quick connect 0.187in (4.76mm) terminals.

For applications requiring a round pushbutton switch rather than a rocker, the KF series is offered in five different versions, both SPST and DPST and both types of switch can be supplied lit and unlit as required. Maintained-action and momentary switching is a further option. The KF series has quick-connect 4.76mm terminals and is IP-65 compliant. Electrical ratings are: 20A at 14VDC and 10A at 28VDC, and in UL 1054 ratings of 10A at 125VAC and 6A at 250VAC, 1/2HP and 125/250VAC are also available.

All three switch families have a rugged design for industrial and outdoor applications offer a mechanical life of 100,000 cycles and a long electrical life of between 6,000 and 25,000 cycles.

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