QTC force sensor gains mouse design win

QTC force sensor gains mouse design win

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By Peter Clarke

The Z from Swiftpoint is a mouse with pivot, tilt and roll functions. It utilises Peratech sensors for so-called “deep click’ buttons that provide users with access dozens of different button actions while barely moving their fingers.

QTC is a material made of metal particles or wires embedded in a non-conducting elastomeric binder. Without pressure the conductive elements are too far apart to conduct electricity. When pressure is applied, they move closer until the point where the conductive elements touch or electrons can tunnel through intervening insulator material. QTC materials change from being an almost perfect insulator to becoming increasingly conductive in proportion to the amount of force applied to them. Changes in resistance due to even slight pressure are both predictable and repeatable over more than a million cycles, Peratech claim.

In the case of the mouse SP200-10 single-point analog force sensors provide the ability to control throttle or speed when driving, flying or running and gamers can use a normal click for a light attack or a harder click to launch a heavy attack.

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