Quad-core packs high-performance into smaller, less expensive form factors

Quad-core packs high-performance into smaller, less expensive form factors

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Freescale Semiconductor claims it is making enterprise class features for security networking equipment available to small-medium businesses (SMB) with its new QorIQ P2041 quad-core processor. Targeting unified threat management (UTM) security appliances, the P2041 delivers up to 10Gbit/s performance in smaller, less expensive form factors such as the 1U chassis.
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The P2041 combines high-end multicore processing engines with features such as hardware virtualisation, cryptography and deep packet inspection technology in a single-chip solution.

This integration reduces costs compared to UTM appliances based on common two- and three-chip models. In addition, the energy-efficient P2041 operates at 12W typical power.

The P2041 is pin-compatible with Freescale’s P2040 device and software-compatible with members of Freescale’s range of QorIQ platforms from P1 to P5 levels. This is said to allow customers to easily scale their end solutions and leverage their software investment across a broad array of products.

In addition to UTM systems/security appliances for SMB, the P2041 is also aimed at applications such as LTE base station network interface cards (NICs), single-chip enterprise router solutions, multifunction printers, data centres, application delivery controllers, storage equipment, factory automation technology and iSCSI and switch management controllers.

Lanner, an ODM operating in this space, has adopted the P2041 device in its new MR-630 UTM solution, delivering 10Gbit/s processing power in a 1U chassis, hardware accelerated encryption capabilities and deep packet inspection. It also supports virtualisation for application consolidation and in-service upgrades.

The P2041 is planned for sampling in mid-2011, available from Freescale. Software and enablement tools for the P2041 are expected to include a Linux BSP, a software development toolkit and a reference design board.

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