Quad core RISC-V FPGA is automotive qualified

Quad core RISC-V FPGA is automotive qualified

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By Nick Flaherty

Efinix in California has launched a line of FPGA devices with  32bit RISC-V cores specifically for the automotive industry.

The Titanium Ti375 is automotive qualified and with the Efinix Efinity tool suite achieves ISO26262 certification for automotive manufacturers. It is built on a 16nm process with 35,000 to 1 million logic elements alongside the Sapphire quad core 32bit RISC-V core and is AEC-Q100 qualified, currently, at Grade 1.

The Titanium Ti375 FPGA has a hardened quad core RISC-V block, transceivers, LPDDR4 DRAM controller, and MIPI D-PHY. The RISC-V block has a 32-bit CPU featuring the ISA RISCV32I with M, A, C, F, and D extensions, and six pipeline stages that is instantiated in the fabric.

The full-duplex transceivers support multiple protocols including PCIe Gen4, SGMII, and 10GBase-KR as well as a PMA Direct mode with data rates from 1.25 Gbps to 16 Gbps, as well as a hardened MIPI D-PHY for use with th eEfinix MIPI CSI-2 and DSI controller IP cores to create multi-camera, high definition vision systems, edge computing, and hardware acceleration systems.

A hardened DDR DRAM controller block supports LPDDR4 DRAM interface for PCIe cards, RF repeaters and radio units, small cell/massive MIMO, cable modems, machine vision, automotive, AV equipment and broadcast, medical imaging, and video bridges.

Another family. the Trion T13 and T20, provides 13,000 and 20,000 logic elements respectively and are AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualified.

“The modern vehicle has become a data centre on wheels,” said Sammy Cheung, Efinix co-founder, CEO, and president. “In essence through our line of automotive solutions, we are delivering the platform to automotive manufacturers to not only keep up with emerging technologies and techniques, but a powerful, adaptable technology to support their design process through their long development cycles.”

Target electronics in vehicles include the proliferation of sensors, cameras, including AI algorithms, in-cabin displays and infotainment, among a vast array of others thanks to the explosion in the complexity of automotive electronics. Efinix FPGAs are already being used by manufacturers of LiDAR units, camera monitoring system that replaces rear-view mirrors and a variety of display controllers.

“Efinix FPGAs are quickly proving to be a game-changer for the automotive industry where low power, high performance and embedded AI are key,” said Ching-Lun Yan, VP of Intelligent Solutions Group. “The completion of our automotive qualification initiative is timely for a number of customers worldwide that are taking advantage of the unique Efinix value proposition.”

The Efinix FPGA architecture delivers critical security for automotive applications with encryption to protect configurations from theft and alterations, and authentication, which results in future proof designs through trusted configurations and over-the-air updates.

 Supporting the Titanium and Trion FPGAs is the Efinix Efinity tool suite, which is ISO26262 certified, and supports designs up to ASIL-D.



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