Quad low-side switch provides diagnostics for smart automation

Quad low-side switch provides diagnostics for smart automation

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By Nick Flaherty

The 260mΩ RDS(ON) switches in the IPS4260L can manage up to 2.4A at an ambient temperature of 85°C with 0.6A per channel or 2.4A on single channel and supports the ability to set current limitation threshold by external resistor and to parallelize the channel. 

The very low rise and fall time of 1μs allows high switching frequency up to 250kH and makes it suitable for servo drives, motor controls, industrial-PC peripherals, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and general low-side switching of loads connected to the positive supply.

The diagnostic features include open-load detection that operates while outputs are in the off state, which prevents hazards due to failures such as wire breaks. In addition, current limiting with non-dissipative cut-off shuts down the output stage after a user-selectable period in the event of over-current. An external resistor determines the limiting period, and restart is attempted automatically.

In order to ensure quick response even with inductive loads such as motors, the power switch integrates a smart architecture for fast demagnetization feature based on a single external clamp diode shared between the four channels. Further diagnostic features include two common open-drain pins for indicating open-load and overload/thermal-shutdown, and four input/output open-drain pins for per channel overload/thermal-shutdown signalization.

An extensive ecosystem supports the IPS4260L with a dedicated graphical user interface (STSW-IFP029GUI) for configuring the device, a detailed user manual (UM2297), and the STEVAL-IFP029V1 highly developed evaluation board. The board meets international safety standards for industrial equipment, with galvanic isolation between logic and power stages, reverse-polarity protection, and compliance with EMC regulations and IEC61000-4 specifications.

The IPS4260L is in production now, in miniaturized HTSSOP20 Thermally Enhanced Thin Shrink Small-Outline Package, priced from $1.58 for orders of 1000 pieces.


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