Qualcomm looks to drive WiFi7 into automotive

Qualcomm looks to drive WiFi7 into automotive

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By Nick Flaherty

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Qualcomm Technologies is adding WiFi7 connectivity to its automotive chipset.

The Qualcomm QCA6797AQ is the industry’s first Automotive Grade WiFi7 Access Point. This allows software updates to be delivered to a vehicle significantly faster for updating high definition maps and features, and car makers can also efficiently offload vehicle data at dealerships, charging stations, or retail outlets.

Qualcomm sees the demand for advanced infotainment systems and augmented reality dashboards driving the ned for higher bandwidth links. WiFi7 introduces key new technologies such as High Band Simultaneous (HBS), Multi-link Multi-Radio (MLMR), 320 MHz channel bandwidth, 4k Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM), and Adaptive Puncturing.

With support for HBS MLMR, WiFi 7 significantly improves connection reliability, almost eliminating dropped connections due to external interference. By operating simultaneously on 5GHz and 6GHz channels, WiFi7 continuously selects the best available channel for communicating to each device in the vehicle. This results in more reliable connections for uninterrupted data transfers and lower latencies for movie streaming, gaming, and other latency-sensitive applications.

Using the 6GHz spectrum with 320 MHz channels and 4K QAM provides peak throughputs of up to 5.8 Gbit/s, allowing vehicles to download High-Definition Maps. Adaptive Puncturing allows the use of wider channels even when part of the channel is unavailable, leading to more efficient use of spectrum.

Qualcomm says it has over 450 WiFi7 design wins across virtually all device categories. It is in the process of acquiring Autotalks for 5G V2X technology and also has Bluetooth and 5G cellular chipsets.



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