Qualcomm puts quad-core on LTE roadmap

Qualcomm puts quad-core on LTE roadmap

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By eeNews Europe

Qualcomm announced its next-generation Snapdragon processor family, code-named Krait, offering up to four ARM cores per die at speeds of up to 2.5 GHz per core, support for LTE and up to four 3-D graphics cores based on a new version of its Adreno core.

Krait includes the single-core MSM8930 for mainstream smartphones, the dual-core MSM8960 for high-end smartphones and tablets and the quad-core APQ8064 for high-end consumer devices. All are made in 28nm process technology.

All chipsets in the family will integrate WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and FM radio and include support for near field communication as well as stereoscopic 3-D, video and photo capture and playback. With up to 20 Megapixel camera support, the APQ8064 will internally synchronize two camera sensors for 3D video recording and will support external 3D video playback.

Samples of the MSM8960 will be available in Q2 2011 and samples of the MSM8930 and APQ8064 will be available in early 2012.


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