Qualcomm steps up Oryon battle with ARM

Qualcomm steps up Oryon battle with ARM

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By Nick Flaherty

Qualcomm has stepped up its dispute with ARM, launching the name of its custom high performance core, Oryon.

The core is being developed by the team from Nuvia, which Qualcomm bought last year, using the ARM instruction set architecture. This triggered an increasingly bitter dispute with ARM that has ended up in court in the US.

“Building on our leadership across on-device AI, 5G connectivity, performance and efficiency which deliver best-in-class user experiences, we’ve designed a new, custom CPU core to unleash a new level of performance,” said Gerard Williams senior vice president of Engineering at Qualcomm Technologies and the former CEO of Nuvia.

Before setting up Nuvia he was the chief architect for custom processors at Apple, who also sued him.

“Qualcomm Oryon will be integrated across a wide portfolio of Snapdragon powered products starting with PCs and including smartphones, digital cockpits, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, extended reality, and infrastructure networking solutions,” said Williams.

Chips with Oryon are expected at the end of 2023 and into 2024, later than originally planned, and depend on the outcome of the court case.

The case centres around the license that Nuvia was using to develop the core, which ARM says cannot be used by Qualcomm. The exchanges in court papers have become increasingly bitter, with some wild allegations from Qualcomm that are denied by ARM. ARM in turn has called for the destruction of the Oryon core and any chips that use it.;


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