Qualtre launches single-axis BAW MEMS gyro

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The single axis family complement the QGYR330H three-axis gyroscope products announced in June.

The single-axis device has a linear acceleration sensitivity of 0.015 degrees/s/g, a selectable full range of +/-200 degrees per second to +/-3,000 degrees/s. The parts with either analog or digital (I2C or SPI) outputs come in a LGA32 package measuring 7mm by 7mm by 2.9mm.

Specifications of single-axis QGYR110Hx BAW MEMS gyroscopes. Source: Qualtre.

The gyros are manufactured using a high-aspect ratio polysilicon and single-crystal silicon fabrication process, which Qualtre claims offers advantages over conventional MEMS tuning-fork gyroscopes.

“Our unique technology lets us offer the best-in-class 1-axis MEMS gyroscope at highly competitive price points compared to other 1-axis parts,” said Sreeni Rao, vice president of vertical markets at Qualtre in a statement. He added: “This advanced MEMS technology offers high shock and vibration immunity due to its rigid construction and high frequency operation. Together, these features allow us to address challenging requirements for higher performance combined with greater reliability, for industrial applications such as robotics, commercial and industrial drones, platform stabilization, and heavy machinery, to name just a few.”

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