Quectel, Amarisoft target increased adoption of NTN

Quectel, Amarisoft target increased adoption of NTN

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global IoT provider, and Amarisoft, a 4G/5G software technology provider, have joined forces in a strategic collaboration to revolutionize the non-terrestrial networks (NTN) landscape.

With a shared vision to empower businesses in harnessing the potential of NTN, Quectel and Amarisoft have collaborated to provide test and measurement offerings that cater to seamless technology deployment and enhanced user experiences, solidifying their positions at the forefront of the rapidly expanding non-terrestial networks market.

The inclusion of the NTN in the Rel 17 3GPP standard marks a significant milestone in the telecom industry. This advancement enables the use of satellite communication technology to cater to the increasing demand for connectivity in remote and underserved regions worldwide.

In the past, services were limited to proprietary technologies, but now, with the widespread adoption of NTN technology included in the 3GPP standard, a market for non-terrestial networks has emerged, presenting substantial growth opportunities for the IoT industry. The ability to rely on satellite-based solutions ensures that even the most remote areas on the planet can now benefit from enhanced connectivity options. As a result, this development is expected to bring about a significant positive impact on global communication and accessibility.

“NTNs are gathering momentum as they become increasingly recognized as an appealing option for connecting many diverse types of IoT devices. We’re keen to help enable this market with our portfolio of modules that support NTN,” commented Norbert Muhrer, President and CSO, Quectel Wireless Solutions. “We are working with Amarisoft to enable its network deployment and test and measurement systems, which are turning the NTN concept from theory into reality.”

Amarisoft offers the Amari Callbox series for 4G LTE, NB-IOT, LTE-M and 5G NR device testing and AMARI UE Simbox for 4G and 5G network testing which both supports NB-IoT NTN and 5G NR NTN now. These products are used widely by the industry for validation, proof-of-concept and demonstrations in labs. The company also provides carrier grade software technology, used by 40+ partners to build 4G 5G network products and services covering private networks, telcos, DAS systems, fixed to wireless, smart cities and more.

Quectel addresses the NTN market with its BG770 module which supports NTN over NB-IoT. The Cat M1/NB1/NB2 module, which offers a compact form factor and ultra-low power consumption, is utilized in Amari Callboxes and Amarisoft also uses Quectel modules in its labs. Customers benefit from being able to access NTN features and streamline their solution development. The BG770 measures just 14.9- x 12.9- x 1.9-mm and features an integrated GNSS engine. In addition, the module boasts a comprehensive hardware-based security feature called Integrated Security Elements (ISE).

“Thanks to the new Quectel BG770 module commercialized earlier this year, we’ve been able to run NTN NB-IoT interopareabilies test against a commercial UE and to demonstrate that both companies are ready to support customers in the deployment of NTN technology” says Karim Boutihane, Amarisoft Sales Director.

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