Rackmount and bench-top power systems offer 90 percent efficiency

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The HCP Series & MCP Series features compact and light weight power systems with a fully-featured chassis and high voltage outputs of 0 to 125 VDC to 2 kV on the MCP series and 0 to 3.5 kV to 300 kV on the HCP series.

These high voltage systems enable users to reach high levels of power – starting from 0 to 14 W through 15 kW. Users will also benefit from high performance of the systems, which includes low ripple, excellent regulation, floating output, a low stored energy, and optional electronically controlled polarity reversal.  Systems in either series are fully programmable via a 10-turn potentiometer in which the adjusting knob can be locked. Each series also includes voltage and current monitors and can achieve ‘Green Power’ efficiency of approximately 90%. Multiple computer interfaces are available on all units.

The broad range of voltage and power levels makes the series suitable for a variety of industries and applications. Typical applications for the new series include particle accelerators, ion implantation, ion sources, ion pumps, electrostatic precipitators and material separators, electrostatic spraying and flocking, sub-sea power sources, and test equipment.

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