Rad hard 32-channel driver with integrated decoder for satellite

Rad hard 32-channel driver with integrated decoder for satellite

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

The ISL72813SEH claims to be the first high current driver to integrate the decoder, level shifter and driver array in a single monolithic IC, allowing satellite manufacturers to significantly increase system capacity and reduce solution size by up to 50%. The device offers a 4x higher density channel count compared to the nearest competitor, and the integrated level shifter eliminates several peripheral components.

The ISL72813SEH driver leverages Intersil’s proprietary silicon on insulator process, which provides single-event latch-up (SEL) robustness in heavy ion environments. The driver’s integrated decoder interfaces directly to the general purpose I/Os of FPGAs and CPUs in the satellite’s flight computer, dramatically reducing pin count compared to competitive 1-input to 1-output driver arrays. Each of the device’s 32-channels of common-emitter open-collector driver outputs can generate pulses of up to 42 V and 600 mA.

The driver addresses latching relay and solenoid commanding for most satellite control functions, including redundancy management, mechanism drive enables, propulsion component relays and enables, battery management, and payload switch control. Its low VCE saturation levels eliminate a major customer concern by reducing the overhead voltage required to drive the load. The driver’s power efficiency and high integration reduces the amount of circuitry required on the bus, allowing customers to add more spacecraft functionality and processing power.

Key features and specifications include:

  • Acceptance tested to 50 krad(Si) LDR, wafer-by-wafer;
  • Integrated 5-bit to 32-channel decoder and level shifting circuit;
  • High collector current outputs to 600 mA;
  • Low VCE saturation of 1.5 V with IC of 530 mA;
  • High voltage outputs up to -40 V;
  • VCC supply range of 3 V to 5.5 V;
  • Extended operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C;
  • HDR radiation tolerance of 100 krad(Si) and LDR of 50 krad(Si);
  • SEB LETTH (VCE = 33 V) immune up to 86.4 MeV•cm2/mg.

The ISL72813SEH can be combined with the following ICs to create a complete satellite command and telemetry signal processing system with superior rad hard performance: ISL71841SEH 32-channel 30V multiplexer, ISL70444SEH, ISL70244SEH, ISL70419SEH and ISL70219ASEH precision op amps, ISL71090SEH and ISL71091SEH low-noise voltage references, ISL70517SEH and ISL70617SEH differential input in-amps, ISL71590SEH temperature sensor, and ISL7202xSEH CAN transceivers.

The ISL72813SEH high current driver is available now in a 44-lead ceramic lead-less chip carrier (CLCC) package. An evaluation board is available to evaluate device features and performance. SEE and total dose testing reports also are available.

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