Radiation warning for anti-5G ‘quantum pendant’

Radiation warning for anti-5G ‘quantum pendant’

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By Nick Flaherty

In an intense irony, the Dutch nuclear protection agency has found that pendants and jewelry sold to protect against the effects of 5G emit ionising radiation that could be dangerous with long term use.

A study commissioned by the Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS)  and carried out by the Netherlands’ National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has revealed that ten products, including a ‘quantum pendant’ emit ionizing radiation. The products include Energy Armor and Magnetix sleep masks and bracelets

The consumer products tested contain radioactive materials and therefore continuously emit ionizing radiation, thereby exposing the wearer. The level of radiation measured is low and risk of health problems is low too. However, it cannot be completely ruled out that wearing these products continuously for an extended period may prove harmful to your health in the long term. The ANVS has informed all known vendors of these products in the Netherlands that their sale is prohibited and that they must stop trading in these products immediately.

The ANVS advises buyers to put the items away safely, and not to throw them away in household waste. “Because they contain radioactive materials or waste, it is important that they be handled by a company with the expertise to deal with such substances. Buyers of these products will also be informed via the Dutch seller about how to return them. Once it is clear how the products will be collected and disposed of, we will notify you of the relevant details on our website,” said the agency.

The ANVS cannot impose a ban on foreign traders, but it plans to share any information on foreign webshops or suppliers located abroad.

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