Range of 600-V IPDs for BLDC motor drives

Range of 600-V IPDs for BLDC motor drives

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has extended its range of intelligent power devices (IPDs) for brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive applications.

Complementing the recently launched TPD4163F and TPD4164F, the new IPDs (TPD4163K and TPD4164K) use a HDIP30 through hole package measuring just 32.8- x 13.5- x 3.525-mm. Through innovative design, this new package reduces the PCB mounting area by over 20%, when compared to Toshiba’s DIP26 products such as TPD4123x, TPD4144x, and TPD4135x. This contributes significantly to reducing the space required for motor drive circuit boards.

The IPDs are suited to use in pumps, air conditioning, ventilation, fans and other similar applications.

In common with the earlier releases, the new IPDs are based upon 600V-rated IGBTs and include a matched gate driver to deliver a complete, integrated solution in a compact package. The TPD4163K has a maximum DC current (IOUT(max)) rating of 1 A and the more capable TPD4164K is rated at 2 A. IGBT saturation voltage (VCEsat) of the devices is 2.6 V and 3.0 V respectively and the diode forward voltage (VF) is 2.0 V and 2.5 V.

The maximum supply voltage rating (VBB(max)) of both devices is now 600 V which increases the design margin. This enhancement is particularly useful in locations where mains power is variable or subject to fluctuations.

To ease the task of designing brushless DC motor drives, Toshiba has announced a reference design that showcases the capabilities of the new TPD4164K and TMPM374FWUG microcontroller with vector control engine.

Toshiba will continue to expand its product portfolio with a range of device packages and enhanced performance characteristics. In doing so, they will contribute to customers’ design flexibility and reduce carbon levels through energy-saving motor control.

The TPD4163K and TPD4164K IPDs are available for volume shipments from today and the reference design board is also fully available.

TPD4163F/64F and TPD4163K/64K IPDs

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