Raspberry Pi and LimeSDR open-source DVB project

Raspberry Pi and LimeSDR open-source DVB project

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The Raspberry Pi Zero and LimeSDR Mini have been used together to create what is claimed to be the world’s smallest open-sourced DVB transmitter.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


The DVB transmitter was created by Evariste Okcestbon and is capable of streaming live images from a PiCam using avc2ts, dvb2iq and limetx software to encode and transmit H.264 video on the 1.2 GHz amateur TV band. The two boards are connected together using the USB ports. The Raspberry Pi Zero measures 65 x 30 mm and the LimeSDR Mini measuring 69 x 31 mm, giving a total solution that is pocket sized. The signals broadcast from the DVB pairing are received by a Raspberry Pi 2 connected to an RTL SDR stick and HDMI monitor. The receiver solution runs rtl_sdr, leandvb, kisspectrum, ts2es and hello_video software.

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