Re-designed oscilloscope adds power analysis tools

Re-designed oscilloscope adds power analysis tools

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By Nick Flaherty

The WaveSurfer 3000z oscilloscopes have a 10.1″ capacitive touch screen, debug and analysis tools, multi-instrument capabilities and support for a wider probe range, covering bandwidths from 100 MHz to 1 GHz and sample rates up to 4 GS/s.

The WaveSurfer 3000z combines an entirely new CPU engine, an improved internal-communications bus, and up to 20 Mpoints of acquisition memory, twice that of the WaveSurfer 3000. A 100MHz version provides an entry level model for general-purpose debugging and validation tasks, while a 1GHz model supports higher-speed serial communications test and RF signal analysis.

A Power Analysis software package performs detailed analysis of line power, control loops, and system/device power performance. The display update rate of 130,000 waveforms/s makes it easier to identify anomalies during power analysis.

Along with the Power Analysis software package, an active-probe interface supports Teledyne LeCroy’s HVFO103 high-voltage, fibre optically-isolated probe, RP4030 power-rail probe, CP03xA high-sensitivity current probes and HVD3000A high-voltage differential probes. This combination provides the resources for debugging and validation of power electronics and power-conversion circuits.

Analysis features such as History mode for waveform playback, extensive triggering capabilities, and WaveScan advanced search and find provide fast and thorough detection and isolation of signal anomalies. It also includes a deep measure and math toolset of 20 math functions for quick waveform insight and 24 automated parameter measurements. A dedicated grid eases viewing of math traces, while statistics, histicons, and trends extract revealing details from parameter measurements. The LabNotebook feature saves and/or restores oscilloscope setups and waveforms with the touch of a single button, and provides a handy tool for annotation and documentation of your work sessions.

The WaveSurfer 3000z adds LXI-compatible web browsing to facilitate remote configuration and operation. In the event of AC-line disconnection, a new “power on AC line” feature restores power by simply reattaching the cord. The already broad palette of optional serial trigger/decode packages now adds an Audiobus trigger/decode package, which performs analysis and debug of the digital audio-bus standard in its I2S, LJ, RJ, and TDM variants.

The scope can also act as a 5-in-1 instrument with a function-generator option with a standard collection of waveforms at up to 25 MHz, while the logic-analyzer option provides 16 digital channels for mixed-signal capabilities. A digital-voltmeter option performs 4-digit voltage measurements and 5-digit frequency counting on any channel, and the protocol-analyzer option with serial trigger/decode features intuitive, color-coded waveform overlays and interactive data tables.

The WaveSurfer 3000z is available now with pricing of $3,450 for the 100-MHz 3014z, $4,190 for the 200-MHz 3024z, $6,500 for the 350-MHz 3043z, $8,450 for the 500-MHz 3054z, and $9,950 for the 1-GHz 3104z. Serial-data options, including CAN/LIN, CAN FD, I2C/SPI/UART/RS232, FlexRay, and Audiobus cost $990 each. Multi-instrument options cost $1,500 for mixed-signal hardware/software, $990 for the Power Analysis package, and $500 each for an MSO license and the function-generator option. Bandwidth-upgrade options are available for all WaveSurfer 3000z models.

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