Real-time hardware encryption processor for USB mass storage

Real-time hardware encryption processor for USB mass storage

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Entire data-at-rest including MBR (Master Boot Record) and Boot Sectors are hardware AES encrypted to attain the highest possible security level. The X-Wall DX is specifically engineered to secure all USB MSC storage devices including hard drive, SSD and Flash media so that corporate assets and confidentiality are preserved. The commercial grade X-Wall DX chip features FIPS 140-2 certification numbers 1471 and 1472 for the X-Wall MX-256 and X-Wall MX-256C crypto modules respectively. The X-Wall DX equips complete USB2.0 MSC host and device protocol stacks thus can be embedded onto a motherboard USB host controller, a device USB controller, or as an independent adaptor. It transparently encrypts all USB storage devices including disk drive, SSD, Flash, and SD and does not take up one specific USB port. The chip is capable of splitting the entire storage into Public Disk Partition and Cipher Disk Partition, of which Cipher Disk Partition is invisible and inaccessible without authentication. The X-Wall DX processor leaves no trace of use on the host computer, it comes in a 8.7x7mm QFP lead frame-counts.

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