Receiver antenna enables EV wireless charging

Receiver antenna enables EV wireless charging
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In an innovation backed by European and international patents, Premo is able to design highly reliable receiver coils for EV wireless charger applications.
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The WC-RX-Series (compact secondary coils) consist of a flexible magnetic core combining Flex-Ferrite blocks with PBM (Soft-Polymer Bonding Magnetic) with a D-type coil. The receiver antenna is able to handle from 3kW to 11kW of power but Premo is also working on a 22kW version.

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) requires no physical contact between the vehicle and the charging station, therefore overcoming the inconvenience and hazards caused by traditional direct-conductive methods. The challenge is to replace the conductive charging method by WPT technology while maintaining a comparable power level and efficiency. The long-term goal is to dynamically power the moving vehicles on the road, Automated Guided Vehicles on a factory floor and/or autonomous robots and forklifts in a warehouse. This may lead to a significant size reduced battery pack and extended driving range at the same time thus addressing the main concerns of EV, namely, the high prices of batteries and range anxiety.

For the past 3 years, Premo has been investing in inductive components design applying both the 3DPower concept (for the magnetics involved in WPT) and the ALMA concept (for long-range antennae using flex-magnetic core).


Together with its research partners, the company developed a technology supporting Inductive Wireless Power Transfer in the range of 90kHz. The magnetic core technology developed for Premo’s WC-Rx-Series (secondary coils) provides a high efficiency power transfer in excess of 95% thanks to a carefully crafted combination and optimization of the coil (Litz wire) with a flexible-core configuration that avoids air gaps and reduces heating areas.

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