Redux Labs spins out from HiWave to develop new haptics and embedded audio

Redux Labs spins out from HiWave to develop new haptics and embedded audio

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The company will deliver a range of haptic/touch and audio transducers, electronic control modules and chipsets, evaluation platforms and bespoke system development for multiple market sectors.
Redux’s Surface Sensation use patented techniques that precisely control bending sub-sonic audio waves across a screen to deliver 3D Haptics functionality. The technology’s configurability allows OEM product developers to accurately mimic the tactile and acoustic sensations of real-world user inputs such as sliders or a specific button presses on a flat panel such as a display. For example, users could discern the separate keys on a tablet keyboard, or drivers could locate and operate touch panel switches in vehicles without being visually distracted.
These haptic effects are localised to the point of touch enabling an effective multi-touch environment where the tactile sensation is only felt by the finger pressing the key. The same transducers can also cover the audible spectrum to deliver audio cues, messages and alerts from the surface being touched.

By applying these same techniques to audible frequencies, Redux has also developed products that turn a screen or panel into a high quality, forward facing loud speaker, delivering crisp and clear full-range audio directly to the listener.

Surface Sensation is being targeted at flat-screen TVs, laptops, phones and tablet PCs, in which it is expected to replace internal micro speakers. The technology also delivers top quality audio and compelling haptics from other material surfaces including metal, plastics and composites.

James Lewis, Redux CEO said: “Redux will focus on advancing and commercialising haptic and audio solutions, and to develop ground breaking technology that redefines the user experience in an increasingly touch-display oriented world.”

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