Renesas introduces KNX over G3-PLC

By eeNews Europe

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced it has implemented KNX protocol on its G3-PLC™ powerline communication solution. The Renesas Powerline Modem Solution with KNX over G3-PLC will validate the benefits of using of G3-PLC technology for building automation applications using KNX,” said Joost Demarest, CTO of the KNX association. “Furthermore, considering the KNX association activities to pave the way for KNX IoT, the Renesas G3-PLC solution as a fully IP based solution will also be a strong fit for the future KNX IoT protocol.”

G3-PLC is a protocol for narrow band low frequency powerline communication that facilitates high-speed, highly-reliable, long-range communication over the existing powerline grid. The protocol is developed and maintained by the G3-PLC Alliance as a potentially ubiquitous powerline communications standard to enable the smart grid vision.

Based on the Powerline Modem Solution, Renesas will demonstrate a proof of concept at the Embedded World, February 26-28, 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany, Booth 1-310 (Hall 1), to illustrate how to implement KNX networks and take advantage of the flexibility and efficiency offered by modern G3-PLC technology while eliminating the need for new network cable deployment.

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