Renesas’ Synergy programme boosts IoT device security, cloud connectivity

Renesas’ Synergy programme boosts IoT device security, cloud connectivity

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This update of the Synergy platform includes the Synergy Software Package (SSP) version 1.3.0, which integrates Express Logic’s NetX Secure Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) for NetX Duo. SSP v1.3.0 also adds Wi-Fi, LTE cellular and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) wireless application frameworks that simplify adding or exchanging radio frequency (RF) modules in IoT devices. Low power management is improved by adding the Power Profile application framework for the Synergy MCUs’ complex low-power modes. The Synergy Platform also includes software and development tool support for three additional MCU groups – S5D5, S3A6, and S128. New low-cost S5D5 and S3A6 target board kits and S128 development kit reduce development cost barriers.


SSP v1.3.0 integrates NetX Secure to safeguard connected IoT device communications over public networks and the Internet. Developers can deploy NetX Secure to authenticate the sender’s and receiver’s identity, and prevent eavesdropping and tampering with data sent across the network. NetX Secure uses the TLS protocol to achieve socket layer security while using the NetX Duo TCP/IP network stack. TLS provides security three ways: by establishing secret keys between the client and server, applying hashing algorithms to detect alteration or forgery of packet content, and remote host identity using digital certificates. The MQTT protocol enables lightweight machine-to-machine (M2M) communication across small IoT edge devices powered by MCUs. This combination of TLS and MQTT protocols ensures secure and efficient communication from edge to cloud.


The wireless application frameworks in SSP v1.3.0 enable developers to add, or swap RF modules from various suppliers into their projects by providing a set of uniform APIs that abstract low-level hardware details. This makes it easy for Synergy Platform users to evaluate popular RF modules and adapt to changes in availability of specific RF modules with minimum impact to application code. SSP v1.3.0 also makes the Wi-Fi application framework native to the SSP and adds new frameworks for cellular and BLE connectivity to cover the three key wireless IoT protocols. Synergy Tools simplify selecting RF module functions, configurations, and connections to the ThreadX real-time-operating system (RTOS). Designers can access the Synergy wireless application frameworks and supported device drivers on the Synergy Gallery.


The S5D5 Group, Renesas’ eighth group of Synergy MCUs, increases the Synergy Platform’s scalability with six further software-compatible MCUs. Each MCU delivers cost-effective performance, a large SRAM to flash memory ratio, and robust security features to address IoT applications. The S5D5 MCUs include a 120 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 CPU core, 512 kB or 1 MB on-chip flash memory, 384 kB of SRAM, precision analogue acquisition functions, Ethernet interface, and high-speed USB. On-chip security features include the ability to generate and safely store private keys using symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, a true random number generator (TRNG), and special memory protection functions.


SSP v1.3.0 is available now for download at There is an associated low-cost TB-S5D5 Target Board Kit.





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