Report finds little being done about security threat posed by quantum computing

Report finds little being done about security threat posed by quantum computing

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By Wisse Hettinga

“Within the next 10 to 15 years we can expect to see a cryptographically useful quantum computer,” said Bruno Huttner, CSA QSS WG co-chair and product manager for the Quantum-Safe division of ID Quantique. “With this considerable breakthrough will come a significant threat to the security of public key cryptography and the associated challenges of securing the global digital communications infrastructure. This report is an important step in identifying potential areas of concern and so we can begin to lay the groundwork for security solutions.”

Perhaps the most striking information to come from the survey was the realization that while most companies are aware of the risk, they are not yet ready to take action, a fact which could conceivably  lead to a very dangerous situation in the future when confidential information may become available to any entity possessing a quantum computer.

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“While there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done in convincing the industry of the importance of including the threat of quantum computing in enterprise security strategies, the good news is that there is a great deal of interest in learning more about the threat quantum presents and how it can be mitigated,” said Jane Melia, CSA QSS WG co-chair and vice president of strategic business development at QuintessenceLabs. “This latest report provides an excellent context for moving forward in our efforts to educate the industry.”

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Of those surveyed more than 90 percent were IT or information security professionals. Among other key findings:

  • Sixty percent of respondents are “very aware” or “somewhat aware” of quantum computer technology and of the impact that quantum computers will have on data security;
  • Just 30 percent are very or somewhat confident that their current security approaches will keep their data safe;
  • Only 40 percent of the companies surveyed are working to future-proof their data against the quantum computer threat;
  • Thirty-three percent of respondents are not aware that quantum solutions exist.

The Quantum-Safe Security Awareness Survey Report is a free resource being offered by the CSA.


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