Report: Samsung signs NXP as MRAM-on-FDSOI customer

Report: Samsung signs NXP as MRAM-on-FDSOI customer

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By Peter Clarke

in 2016 Samsung Foundry said it was working on embedded flash and embedded MRAM options for its 28nm FDSOI manufacturing process (see FDSOI to get embedded MRAM, flash options at 28nm). It was expected that embedded flash would be offered first with risk production at the end of 2017 while embedded spin-torque transfer MRAM would come in 2018.

The latest report states that NXP Semiconductors has been signed as a first customer and have a contract for the mass-production of 28nm FDSOI and that it will start with embedded flash to be followed by embedded MRAM in the manufacture of i.MX series SoCs and microcontrollers for Internet of Things applications.

On May 24 Samsung Foundry is going to provide details of its process technology for MRAM embedded memory, the reports said.

The conventional wisdom has been that flash memory would struggle to scale to 28nm and that MRAM or ReRAM would make for easier integration and continued scaling. MRAM can be integrated with as few as three additional masks while eFlash typically requires six to eight additional masks.

Samsung is following a path pioneered by rival foundry Globalfoundries Inc. (Milpitas, Calif.), which has been offering MRAM as a non-volatile memory option on 22FDX, its 22nm FDSOI manufacturing process since last year. Globalfoundries’ 22FDX eMRAM is scheduled to be available for customer prototyping in 2017, with volume production in 2018.

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