Reports: Ford to dump SYNC in favour of QNX Neutrino

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By eeNews Europe

While neither Ford nor QNX or Microsoft were available to comment, the Bloomberg report suggests that Ford was annoyed by persisting technology flaws with the Microsoft system. In addition, Ford found QNX’ Neutrino RTOS than Microsoft’s license fees. A third reason was that the QNX software offers more flexibility, according to Bloomberg.

Indeed, Microsoft was not overly successful in cars. Besides Ford’s Sync with some 7 million users, only the Fiat group with Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia as well as Korean manufacturer Kia warmed to Windows Embedded Automotive. In the Fiat group, the system is called Blue and Me; Kia branded it under the name UVO. The underlying operating system in turn represents a modified version or Windows CE. In contrast, QNX-based systems can be found in vehicles from Audi and BMW.

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