Reprogrammable quantum random number generator

Reprogrammable quantum random number generator

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Quantum Computing Inc., (QCI) has announced the expansion of its commercially available product line to include patented Quantum Random Number Generator (“QRNG”) technology, capable of generating non-repeatable number sequences. This series of quantum products generate truly random numbers of various probability densities and correlation properties to serve many different applications encompassing security, modeling, and finance. The series includes quantum random numbers (QRNs) that are either binary or high-dimensional, and either independent of, or correlated with each other. Distinctly, customers can configure the QRNG to obey either a uniform probability distribution or a specific non-uniform probability distribution appropriate for their specific application, such as Gaussian, Lorentzian, or other distributions that are important for data simulation and analysis.

QCI is currently offering the first series of QRNG products through a cloud-based subscription on its website, to be followed by an option to purchase the hardware, which is a handheld cube-sized QRNG device, during mid-year 2023.

The patent, developed by QCI’s scientists in partnership with and exclusively licensed from Stevens Institute of Technology, is a broad use patent on a fundamental methodology and implementation that utilizes a unique circuit design that eliminates the need for randomness extraction or amplification, as routinely required by other approaches and devices. This technology is crucial to mitigate security vulnerabilities and provide customers with trustworthy data.

“This breakthrough capability based on measuring the stochastic arrival time of single or correlated photons produces truly random numbers that passed all standard randomness tests such as NIST and Dieharder. Importantly, results are obtained with superior fidelity, accuracy, and cost savings without security compromise,” commented William McGann Ph.D., Chief Operating and Technology Officer at Quantum Computing Inc. “Random numbers are fundamental and useful resources in science and engineering with indispensable applications in simulation, machine learning, and cyber-security for use in gaming, military, communications, financial industries and expanding into automotive and Internet-of-things.”

Dr. McGann continued, “Neither numeric algorithms nor classical-physics processes are capable of creating genuine random numbers to meet the growing demands in data security and accuracy — the number sequence generated have a defined starting point and ultimately, random sequences will become repeatable. In contrast, truly random numbers can be derived from quantum mechanical processes whose fundamentally unpredictable nature guarantees impeccable randomness. However, the current QRNG technology available today inevitably requires many steps of postprocessing to pass quality checks.  As a result, generated sequences often suffer from various experimental imperfections, including measurement bias, sampling period-induced correlation, and mixture with other deterministic classical noise. QCI’s approach overcomes these deficiencies by measuring the quantum fluctuations first, ensuring superior conditions prior to starting the random number generation process. This approach eliminates the need for the time-consuming and computationally complicated postprocessing and the associated security vulnerabilities in creating a superior Quantum Random Number Generator.”

“According to Statista, the quantum random number generator market was valued at $300+ million in 2022 and is expected to grow over 35% annually for the foreseeable future, exceeding $3.2 billion by 2030.  To capture a strong market share, we have tactically mapped out a go-to-market strategy which may ultimately include a distribution partner to significantly expand QCI’s reach and speed to market. We are in active discussions that we hope to conclude as we launch subsequent upgrades to our core QRNG capability,” stated Bob Liscouski, CEO Quantum Computing Inc. “Our core QRNG technology provides arbitrary and correlated random number distribution which has unique advantages in security and big data analyses. It is our intention to build upon these advantages. We have laid out a fairly aggressive QRNG product enhancement road map that includes both hardware and software upgrades. We have the ability over the next 12 months to minimize the size of our hardware footprint to open the opportunity to integrate into other hardware devices and workstations. Also, following our first release, we will include additional novel software features to support user customization of arbitrary rather than uniform random number distribution, the ability to generate multiple sets of correlated random numbers, and finally, decentralized random generated number sets necessary when building out a network.”

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