ReQuTech secures Asia order for Ku multi-orbit satellite terminal 

ReQuTech secures Asia order for Ku multi-orbit satellite terminal 

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

ReQuTech has secured an initial order for the RESA M Ku Multi-Orbit Terminal in East Asia. This milestone solidifies the company’s position as an industry trailblazer and established global satellite communications supplier. 

The RESA (ReQuTech Electronically Scanned Antenna) offers Multi-Orbit performance across LEO and GEO constellations for on-the-move and on-the-pause operations. This RESA M Ku terminal ensures unmatched connectivity, reliability, and adaptability for a diverse range of communication needs and offers a transformative approach to satellite communication. With its ruggedized design and seamless integration with any modem internally or externally as well as the possibility for mesh networking of several terminals supported.

A member of the RESA family of flat panel satellite terminals, the RESA M Ku can be used as a stand- alone product or used in a mesh configuration with several RESA terminals. It is suitable for marine or vehicle mount applications. 

This foray into the East Asian market marks a strategic move for ReQuTech. It signifies the company’s commitment to exceeding the communication demands of the region — as governments and businesses alike increasingly rely on uninterrupted and efficient communication.

“We have successfully secured our very first order for the RESA M Ku Multi-Orbit Terminal in East Asia. This accomplishment truly amplifies the extraordinary quality and innovation that our team consistently delivers,” states Dr. Omid Sotoudeh, CEO at ReQuTech. “We anticipate a future where we continue to reshape the global landscape of connection and communication.” 

The demand for advanced satellite communication is rapidly expanding, and ReQuTech remains at the forefront of this transformation.

The fully integrated RESA M Ku satellite terminal offers electronically scanned pointing and tracking, support for several mesh networked devices, infrared mode for for internal or external installation, ruggedized design for maritime operation, ITU-R S.465 compliant patterns, and an integrated antenna control unit with full sensor kit including beacon receiver, GPS, and IMU.


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