RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies

RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies

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These assemblies are phase and attenuation stable, provide excellent shielding, support UL/NEC Plenum class CMP, are corrosion resistant, and are low in weight and highly flexible. The center contact is a heat treated BeCu socket contact that accepts the cable’s silver plated conductor as a solder free connection. Therefore, this element of the transition is controlled to machined tolerances; which are much tighter than the variations seen by cable assembly personnel and solder joints. The elimination of this center conductor solder joint also precludes the changes that occur in dielectric densities that would affect changes in the dielectric constant of the cable. Ruggedness is the other characteristic that was designed into these cable assemblies.

To facilitate strong PIM performance these connector bodies are plated with white bronze Albaloy. The Albaloy plating provides a robust surface that easily accepts the braid solder joint and supports corrosion resistance per salt fog testing. The eSMA center contacts are BeCu; they are plated gold over a copper strike providing great RF performance, corrosion resistance, and controls over porosity (made in the USA). The eSeries N and 7/16 center contacts are plated silver over a copper strike which contains cost versus gold, and also provides great RF performance and corrosion resistance.

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